Teeth whitening systems rely on the breakdown of hydrogen
peroxide into water and oxygen through a process of oxidation.  
The release of an electron in the process is the ultimate cause of
the bleaching of stains that are held in the tooth's enamel.  H
can be broken down by both heat and light.  Safe
cool light is
Harmful light with heat is not good, as heat can
permanently damage the teeth.

Currently, spa's, salons and medispas have been inundated with
systems that utilize lights that are not powerful enough to activate
the accelerating catalyst in the hydrogen peroxide gel.  What
instead seems to happen, is that the light bulbs generate warmth
in close vicinity to the teeth, and it is this warmth that catalyzes
the reaction.  Heat can permanently damage teeth.  

The Theraglow SmileMachine uses a UV and infrared filtered,
Xenon powered broad spectrum light wave that has been proven
clinically to work with different catalysts and safely accelerate the
oxidation of H

The net results are that in 10 short minutes, your clients can
achieve better results than the best retail brands, which require
up to 20 separate applications.

30 minutes your clients can achieve an average shade change
of 60 - 75% of what a dental whitening session can provide, for
1/3rd the cost, in 1/3rd the time and in the convenience and
comfort of your spa or salon.
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