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Don't Leave Money in the Chair!
Teeth whitening is a huge industry in and of itself.  It is as demanded as the
top five Spa procedures combined.  This means that chances are, any client
that sits in your chair is also either actively whitening their teeth somewhere,
or at least thinking about it.   

And YOU, have a more cost and time effective solution for them.  You owe it
to your clients to offer them a simple, convenient, comfortable, quick and
cost effective way to whiten their teeth.  

So don't leave money in the chair, use the Theraglow SmileMachine to pack
more profit into every visit!

The Perfect Business Building Tool
Many spa owners are feeling the pinch of a sluggish economy, low net
earnings and increased competition for their "best clients" from medispas.

Now you have a tool that can compete directly with both retail (express 10
minute treatment) and
medical  (3 consecutive 8 minute treatments) and win
hands down in time convenience, comfort and cost effectiveness.  

Now you have a service that you can effectively advertise to reach and draw
a broader share of local customers.  This allows for you to expand your client
reach, increase your ad to sales ratio and through this increased flow of
foot-traffic, grow your ability cross sell your service staples.

Theraglow's home office is well equipped with marketing expertise
and our hope is to partner in your success.  We provide you with a
complete marketing plan and collateral materials to both cross sell to
existing clients and grow new clients.  Call us for more information
on our proprietary marketing approach.
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If you would like to learn more about our Dermaglow® microdermabrasion devices, Theraglow SmileMachine or LED light therapy machines, contact our
office today.   All of our professional skincare devices are designed for efficacy, dependability, styling, and affordability and our Dermaglow®  
microdermabrasion units and Theraglow SmileMachines are covered by a lifetime Warranty and Service contract for Life.

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